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ELD Mandate In Effect as of Dec. 18, South of the Boarder

FMCSA UPDATES ON ELD AND HOS RULES, EXEMPTIONS, WAIVERS, AND GUIDANCE As of December 18, 2017, the Electronic Logging Device final rule has gone into effect in the United States, although out-of-service orders will not be issued for non-compliance until April…
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70 Answers to Top ELD Questions

Sorce:   Chapter 1: ELD BASICS The electronic logging device mandate, effective on Dec. 18, requires most carriers and drivers to convert from using paper logs or logging software to a registered ELD if they do not have an…
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On September 25th the MTO announced changes to the Ontario Extended Semitrailer Trial. On June 29, 2017, MTO held a stakeholder consultation meeting whereby preliminary modifications to trial conditions were agreed upon and supported by all participants as follows: ·…
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CTA to Senate Committee: Truck Driver is Here to Stay

(Sept. 21, 2017) — The Canadian Alliance told a senate committee in Ottawa it welcomes the progression of connected and driver assist technology in commercial vehicles, but that such innovation will not come at the expense of truck drivers. Appearing…
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