Course: Bucket Truck

This program teaches the safe operation of bucket trucks. This includes pre-trip inspections, methods for handling traffic conditions safely and bucket stabilization for a variety of road and ground conditions.

This program will cover the following topics: 

●   Responsibilities and Regulations

●   Bucket Truck Safety Operation

●   Bucket Truck Inspections and Capacity

●   Job Site Hazards and Preparation

●   Bucket Truck Controls

●   Bucket Truck Stability

●   Outrigger Assemblies

●   Bucket Truck Setup

●   Conditions affecting Stability & Safety

●   Bucket Truck Safety

●   Hydraulic System Troubleshooting

This is a 1-day course offering: 

●   3-Year Certificate & Wallet Card Issued

●   Classroom Presentation & Machine Practical Portion


●   Manuals will be provided

●   If Customer Machine is to be used for practical, the machine must be in good working order.

Individuals are required to register prior to the course start date. Payment must accompany registration.

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