Course: Air Brake Endorsement

Air Brake (1)

Air Brakes are used on some medium‐duty and all heavy‐duty vehicles. The air braking system is basically a series of valves forcing compressed air through the system to generate a constant supply of air which is then used to apply the brakes.

●   This is a powerful system, and care must be taken to learn how to properly use the system and the potential hazards.

●   This 2‐Day (8 am – 5 pm) Air Brake or ‘Z’ Endorsement Course teaches participants how the air brake system works, its many components, how to operate the air brake system and to identify defects in the system.

●   Written and practical Air Brake testing  will be completed throughout the curriculum of this 2‐Day course. Successful participants will be able to have the ‘Z’ Endorsement added to their licence 5 business days after completion of this course. Please visit DriveTest centre near you to add the Z endorsment to your license.

●   There are no additional fees or tests.

●    Applicants must have an Ontario Class G Driver’s Licence or higher to take this course. Taking this course with us eliminates the need to do the written and practical air brake testing at Drive Test.

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