Course: 8-Ton Boom Truck

Take full advantage of your DZ license by obtaining your 0-8 Ton certificate.

Crane/Boom trucks are used primarily to deliver materials and/or equipment in construction and industrial sectors. OHSA states that operators of mobile crane or hoisting devices must be competent and have written proof of training to operate this type of equipment on any work/job/construction site.
0‐8 Ton Mobile Cranes or Boom Trucks are used on construction sites or on‐site deliveries to lift materials such as drywall, roof trusses, foundation walls and more.

This program will certify you for the following crane types: 

●   Articulating (knuckle) boom

●   Telescoping boom

●   Radial boom

●   Derricks (RBDs)

●   Sign Erectors

●   Carry deck industrial type crane

●   Derricks (RBDs)

Program Fee: $350.00 + HST

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