Course: Class C

Short Scope:

This is an automatic transmission, 3-day course consisting of two 5-hour session booked close to your road test date, performed using a gasoline powered bus.

Full Scope:

The C training course consists of 10 hours of practical training and use of our vehicle for the road test.  This training consists of road test preparation, pre-trip inspections, backing up, city & highway driving.  We ask that you write the Class C written test at the Drivetest Centre.  Once completed and all fees owed to Drivetest Centre have been paid, you will be eligible for a road test that we will book for you.  This Fast Track program is designed to teach students how to safely operate class C vehicles and obtain the license in a short period of time.  Based on your availability, we try to bring you in for two 5-hour practical training sessions nearest to your road test date.


●    You must hold a minimum of a G class license to obtain a C

●    C covers all D & F class vehicles

The following outlines the necessary requirements prior to registration into any of our programs.

1. Complete Your Driver Medical Exam

This can be done by your family doctor or at a walk-in clinic.  The necessary medical form is available at DriveTest centres and Service Ontario centres.  We have attached the medical form here for your convenience.  When printing the attachment, kindly make a 2-sided copy.  Make a copy of the completed medical for your records.

2. Study the MTO Truck Handbook and Bus Handbook before taking the written test

The Truck and Bus handbooks are available online or for purchase at OTDS, Service Ontario and Canadian Tire.  For Practice tests click here

3. When you’ve finished studying, take your completed medical form to DriveTest and take the ‘written test’ for the class “C & D’ license

Upon successful completion of the written tests, please obtain proof of completion, normally reflected on the yellow sheet.

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